Postpartum WoRKSHOP


Postpartum Women Workshop

This workshop is aimed at movement teachers who want a better understanding of how to better construct an exercise programme for postpartum women so that they can return to their normal routines with a fully recovered and functional body. It is imperative that both the trainer and the client understand the importance of taking time for the body to heal and recover, and to prevent problems further down the road by not jumping back into exercise at the same intensity as before pregnancy. It is so important as a trainer that one can programme for the person in front of you so they can get right back to where they were and know and understand how to do this appropriately.

As trainers, it is of utmost importance to always work within and have a clear understanding of your Scope of Practice, and when and who to refer to. It is essential to know and understand the changes and pressures that the body goes through during pregnancy and birth, how they impact on the body afterwards, and how we can safely programme for these.

In this workshop we will also cover how to access, correct and return to full function. 

Breathing Diaphragm, Pelvic Floor, Core Cylinder

We will look at posture and learn how to spot common postpartum postural faults and imbalances – learning to identify what’s working and what’s not and how to safely address these.

The workshop will also cover common dysfunctions associated with pregnancy and how to address them with a tailored exercise prescription. We will cover how to identify important muscles that get turned off at this time and how to re-establish them. We will look at safe exercise progressions and time frames, and when and how to reintroduce movement and the intensity. We will also identify the most pertinent screening questions to ask and best approaches.

The workshop will go through an inventory of exercises and how to perform them.

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Hear from Members

Well now, where to begin? The first thing I will say about Anne and her team is they are experts in the field of pilates. As an accredited studio her class participants are always in safe hands. Secondly, my strength and flexibility have been transformed since I started her programme. During lockdown Anne has been of invaluable help with her online classes. From her I have learned how to relieve the many niggles that come from too much sitting. I now understand my body better at 60 than I did when I was in my 20s!

Patricia Coady

I have had the pleasure of being a client of Anne Sexton’s Pilates for over ten years now. I have followed her from Roundwood to Greystones and now to Kilcoole. When you are lucky enough to find such a talented instructor you have to stay with the best. Anne’s love of Pilates and well being for our bodies is obvious in her teachings. We would have been lost without our Zoom classes during lockdown for both our physical and mental health. Thank you Anne and your team for always looking after us. 😘

Joyce Keeley

I have been doing Pilates classes with Anne for more than 10 years. Now as an over 60’s I can safely say Pilates is a vital part of my life. It has given me flexibility, core strength and most of all the reformer is brilliant for bone density strengthening. Thank you Anne - you are an exceptional teacher and role model. Your own commitment to Pilates and well being spills over to us in your teaching. It’s not just an exercise class. It is now an essential part of my life and I couldn’t do without your inspiration and teaching. Thank you


I have been interested in health and fitness for most of my adult life, and i wanted to pursue a career in this area. Having previously done reformer pilates and loved the benefits I felt from it I decided that this was the area that I intended to pursue. I started with anatomy training, followed by Mat 1 and 2, then continued with reformer 1 and 2. My experience with Anne Secton Pilates was all extremely positinve. The course is so thorough and Annes expertise about anything to do with pilates is so obvious. Her guidance, support and knowledge is what every person pursuing a career in pilates needs.She goes above and beyond! Can't wait for the next part of my pilates journey

Aoife Niall

I took a leap of faith and decided to train to be a pilates teacher. I was so nervous but once I found Anne I instantly knew that I had made the right decision, and that I was definitely in safe, knowledgeable hands. Anne is a fountain of knowledge and her passion for pilates just radiates from her, which translates to her teaching methods and style. Anne is energetic and her enthusiasm for all things pilates is infectious. She is dedicated and caring, and has made me feel comfortable and safe every step of the way. I have loved every minute of my teacher training so far and cannot wait to perdue it further. Anne wholeheartedly epitomizes pilates and has become much more than a teacher to me, she has become a mentor and a friend.

Ali Kavanagh

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