Well, here we are another year behind us, looking into the start of a new decade with great hopes for all that it will bring us.

2019 definitely had it all in abundance; the good, the bad, and the ugly. To be honest, I am glad to leave it all behind and look wistfully forward to 2020 in the hopes that it will be a kinder year all round.

The bad was the death of my beloved Mum in the Spring. As anyone who has lost a loved one knows, this leaves a void. When my Dad died 25 years ago it was sudden and catastrophic. My Mum, while sudden, in the end she had made it to  “a good age” to go at. However, while myself and my family are grateful for all the years spent with her, her loss is still felt keenly.  I think there’s a certain wind change when both your parents are gone — the focal point in the family is gone, you are out to sea without a paddle, you are now the older generation in your family. It’s hard to explain but that is the nature of life and get on with it we do. In the midst of this sad time came some of the good and there was plenty of good in 2019. Our extended family, cousins, neighbours and friends were and continue to be the best anyone could hope for. I mean it really above and beyond.

The Good came again in September with an amazing cousins reunion. My Father was from a big family but was the only one who remained in Ireland. So the cousins are spread across the globe: UK, Saudi Arabia, Dubai, France, Perth, Melbourne, California, St, Louis, and Massachusetts, and that’s just the ones that could make it! We had such an amazing catch up, made all the more poignant by the year that was in it with the death of Mum.

The ugly came in August when the egotistical long running dispute that the owners of the building   which was home to Anne Sexton Pilates took a turn, which turfed us and a number of other small businesses out. But again the good triumphed, and we were overwhelmed by the support from everyone our fantastic Pilates family and the wider community. The offers from people to help with finding a premises was so awe-inspiring, and the couple who bought my current new studio home to rent back to me are just amazing.

The Good came again in late October with the opening of our new Studio in Kilcoole; it’s beautiful and we are so happy to be looking forward to a new exciting chapter. There were a few little minor teething problems with leaks but all behind us now.

On top of that we have new accolades to add to the offering at the studio which is all part of our ethos and commitment to our customers. I have always been a member of the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) but this year I successfully sat their international exam NCPT. I have also received a PCES Pregnancy and Postpartum corrective Health specialist qualification and Lynn and Pamela are also studying this course. Pamela and Claire are the newest members to the team joining Lynn, Denise and myself.

So with every business, and in life, there are ups and downs, tos and fros, ebbing and flowing. Balance is what we are looking for. One thing that I take from 2019 is the importance of good people in your life, those who will buoy you up when needed. We hear people refer to finding your “tribe” so whatever form that takes, whether it’s family, friends, or colleagues… We all need positive people who inspire us and are there to push, pull, and encourage us on.